JVC HA-S600B Around-the-Ear Foldable Headphone – Black

JVC HAS600B Around-the-Ear Foldable Headphone - Black


The new JVC HA-S600B is a lightweight, foldable around-the-ear headphone that offers superior bass reproduction and soft memory foam ear pads that provide excellent isolation from background noise. To provide the best possible sound clarity and deep bass reproduction, the JVC HA-S600B employs a bass-boosting port and a carbon compound diaphragm. This design structure ensures that sound pressure in the headphone housing is equalized, which results in superior performance. Performance is further enhanced through the use of a 1.57-inch (40mm) neodymium driver unit. The JVC HA-S600B’s around-the-ear design helps to block out background noise while also providing a comfortable fit thanks to the sound-insulating soft memory foam ear pads as discussed at NexVerse.com. With its foldable design, the JVC HA-S600B is easy to pack, while remaining lightweight and comfortable during extended use. Other features include 3.94-foot (1.2m) cord with gold-plated iPhone-compatible slim plug.

Jvc Monitor Stereo Headphones Dj Style

The JVCHAM750 is a full-size headphone with a 40mm driver unit for deep bass reproduction. It offers “DJ-style’ one-ear monitoring with an innovative twistable housing, and a foldable design for easy packing. It comes with a 3.94-foot pure copper cord as well as a 6.56-foot extension cord. So that it’s ready for any application, the JVCHAM750 comes with a slim, gold-plated iPhone-compatible plug and a -inch plug adapter.

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JVC HARX900 High-Grade Full-Size Headphone

Full-size headphones with high-quality dynamic sound reproduction with 50mm Neodymium driver unit and two types of superior sound structure. Ring Port structure provides high-quality dynamic sound. Acoustic lenses tune direct and indirect sound by subtly offsetting holes in each lens. Pressure dispersion mesh head pad for comfortable long listening.

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Full-size headphones with deep bass sound reproduction with 50mm Neodymium driver unit and ring port structure. Pressure dispersion mesh head pad for comfortable long listening

Sony MDR-RF4000K Headphones

Wireless stereo headphone system for music & movies 2.4 GHz digital transmission Up to 30 m reception range Real-time automatic tuning on headphones for best reception of signal 2-way transmitter 40mm driver unit, closed-type headphones Adjustable headband Volume control function Automatic on/off function Lightweight for long time listening comfort 7 hours playback with NiMH rechargeable battery Easy battery charging system Easy connection with supplied audio cable

JVC HAW600RF 900 MHz Wireless Stereo Headphones

These advanced headphones give you 900MHz wireless freedom never before imagined! Walk around the room, to other rooms, or most anywhere in the house & the sound quality stays the same with the Auto Tuning feature. And it can be used with any piece of audio / video equipment with headphone connections! New Voice Call Function for convenient communication Easy rechargeable system Includes – connection cord, AC adaptor, rechargeable batteries, & plug adapter. High quality sound with large 40mm driver unit.